Temple of Isis-Urania


About Temple Isis-Urania

Temple Isis-Urania is based in the UK and forms the European hub for the GDCSS.


What is Initiation?

When you are scheduled for initiation it is focused on creating that connection between the everyday part of you and the highest aspect of your being. Many people find this a transformational experience.


Become a Member

You can join the Order as a correspondence member or as an attending temple member.

Follow this link to the membership section of the website:

Membership Information

Hieroglyphs for Ise (the name of Isis)
Hieroglyphs for Ise (the name of Isis)

The Goddess Isis

Isis is considered the universal Goddess who represents all Goddesses. She is the archetype of the Divine Feminine and the path to the highest part of ourselves. There is a great deal written about this ancient Egyptian Goddess on the internet.

Isis-Urania temple is named after the third temple created by the early Victorian Golden Dawn order, which began in the United Kingdom. We honour this temple and those who created it by naming the UK temple after it.

Hieroglyphs for Ise (the name of Isis)
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