Local Orientations

Interested in joining the Order of the Golden Dawn? If you live close to the Temple of Ptah or you’re willing to make the trip out, we can have one of our experienced members sit and speak with you and answer any questions you might have. If your unable to make it out to the temple and would like someone to do an orientation with you over the phone, that can also be arranged.

In this orientation we would cover:

  • History of the Order.
  • Grade structure and working your way through the grade system.
  • The connection between the Western Mysteries and the Golden Dawn.
  • Benefits of the Order such as self discovery and magical discipline.
  • Expectations & standards the Order would have for you.
  • Your proctors in the Order
  • Robes and other tools

Please feel free email us at admin@goldendawncollegium.com to set up an orientation. Orientations are usually held on the first Sunday of each month.