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Golden Dawn
Collegium Spiritu Sancti


While the Golden Dawn draws on the spiritual practices and symbolism of many world religions from antiquity to present, the Golden Dawn is not in and of itself a religion nor a unitary faith. The classical Golden Dawn system is concerned with spiritual development, and its teachings are useful to anyone of any creed. The Golden Dawn does not require that members be of a particular religion, nor that they become members of any religion after initiation. The Golden Dawn is comprised of members of various religions and ethical backgrounds. The primary influence is Rosicrucian, however mysteries from many ancient traditions are introduced throughout the various degrees including Hermetic and alchemical studies. 

One does not have to give up their personal religion to be a member of the GDCSS. On the contrary, the classical Golden Dawn system has always embraced people from a variety of different religious backgrounds. As stated in the Neophyte oath, there is “nothing contrary to your civil, moral or religious duties.” Also, within the same Neophyte ceremony, it is pointed out that you should hold all religions as sacred. Students are asked to think for themselves and we do not embrace those who are looking for a guru or spiritual leader; rather we encourage every individual to become a spiritual leader in and of them-self.

The Order of the Golden Dawn: Collegium Spiritu Sancti is an esoteric and metaphysical association of both men and women who learn and share in secret wisdom unknown otherwise to most. The Order provides the aspirant with an opportunity to experience universal currents of energy. This is in part provided by giving the student a solid foundation and firm grasp of the Hermetic Qabbalah, Christian Mysticism, Esoteric Tarot, the Osirian Mysteries, meditation at several levels, Geomancy, Divination, Astral Projection, Scrying, Astrology, and Magical work.

With such a vast foundation of materials it is expected that no matter what religion or faith an individual embraces, the Golden Dawn system will expand and enhance every level of your own faith. The teachings and lessons open the floodgates to begin developing your own natural abilities to see inwardly and project that light into every aspect of your life. We encourage our members to seek answers within themselves, to think for themselves, and to tap into the hidden wisdom which is already within each of us. We do not enforce any specific religious premises or beliefs, and we ask that you take what you learn and apply it to your own life in a way the best elevates you to your highest aspirations. We do not attempt to define the nature of Divinity, but encourage individuals to see that Divine nature within their own Heart and Mind.

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