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Golden Dawn
Collegium Spiritu Sancti


The Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti is an active modern-day fraternal order, carrying forward the Initiatory traditions and teachings passed on to mankind by proxy of the various ancient mystery schools, esoteric philosophies, and spiritual orders of the world for countless ages. Our foundation is revealed by these traditions, and it is upon this foundation that we toil to expand our teachings, evolve our understanding, and at length advance the purity and effectiveness of Hermetic Initiation, Occult Wisdom, and Practical Magic.

Our order is comprised of enthusiastic members of all ages and backgrounds. From newly initiated members with barely any experience in occult studies, to seasoned and skillful members with decades of experience under their belt, we recognize that we all have gifts to share and lessons to learn from one another. The safety, security, and the mental, emotional, spiritual, and magical development of all members is of the utmost and primary importance. The concept may seem somewhat foreign to some, but we truly consider one another to be part of our extended family, friends, co-seekers of the light and co-travelers of the initiatory path. 

Due to the importance we place on the safety, purity, and effectiveness of training, the size of our order is limited, based upon the availability of skilled and properly trained teachers (whom we refer to as "Proctors") who can dedicate the necessary time and effort required to successfully guide their students up the mountain of initiation. Our Proctors are in constant contact with their students, ensuring that they have the proper guidance and resources needed to accomplish their personal spiritual and magical goals. As the teacher-student relationship is not one sided, we require a greater level of commitment to study and practice than most. Our focus is upon providing a safe and effective approach, and there simply is not enough teachers to provide a high level of service and support to those only mildly interested in contemporary occultism. We believe that a heavily collaborative environment, one in which all members feel safe to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, free to participate to the limits of their desire, free to teach and to learn, is the most effective way to provide those opportunities and that guidance.

We are not a cult, nor are we a religion. We aren't interested in followers. We're interested in training leaders, teachers, and people genuinely desiring to further the spiritual development of themselves and humanity according to their own particular aspirations, gifts, and experience. But this all begins with learning and practicing the secrets of occult knowledge, esoteric mysteries, illumination, and personal spiritual development. 

Our culture is filled with a plethora of metaphysical books, websites, and videos, most of which provide very little in the way of actual personal spiritual development. The unfortunate reality is that many of the authors of this information are primarily focused on making a living and achieving notoriety, which is of course understandable. But it makes the path forward for those sincerely interested in spiritual development, difficult to see and to recognize. Those authors that genuinely desire to assist others with valuable and accurate information, and there are several, simply don't have the time to provide the direct interpersonal guidance required along the journey of the Initiate.

Topics of Study & Practice

The Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti (GDCSS) provides high quality instruction and training in a variety of subjects which carry over and integrate into the daily lives of our initiates. What follows is a broad introduction to some of the subjects which we teach:
  • Initiation - The beginning of a new phase of human development wherein the driving force behind our growth and development shifts from being fully reactionary to outside events, to proactively pursuing direct personal experience and understanding according to proven and well established techniques, processes, and formulas.
  • Ceremonial Magic - The application of learned occult knowledge, for specific purposes, within a ritual environment. This looks much like a form of "Moving Meditation" wherein the participant(s) directly and indirectly influence and interact with the underlying forces and mechanics upon which reality is based. To those unfamiliar with the experience of ritual, this may appear much like a sort of dramatic play at first, but the effect upon the participants and upon reality is tangible, specific, and demonstrable.
  • Mystical Qabalah - This is a form of Jewish Mysticism which centers around the glyph of the Tree of Life as a sort of map for human experience, the soul, and the structure of reality and the universe. It's used as a sort of road-map for personal and spiritual exploration and development, and the relating of spiritual, mystical, and magical concepts.
  • Hermetic Science - An approach at uncovering the deeper mysteries of life and reality which is based upon the teachings of Hermes and utilizes established scientific methods for investigation and experimentation. The teachings of Hermes center around the concept that there is a singular underpinning source of all religion and philosophy, a single true theology which, as it is brought into the sphere of human experience, becomes wrapped in symbolism, dramas, and archetypes resulting in the establishment of commonly recognized religions. A cursory examination of comparative religion will show this to be true.
  • Western Mystery Tradition (Esotericism) - While the term "Western" implies the existence of a counterpart "Eastern" mystery tradition, beyond individually established Eastern religions, it simply does not exist within the same context. This isn't to imply that Eastern traditions are somehow lacking in mystery or mysticism, but rather, many of these aspects are incorporated into them. The Western Mystery Tradition is commonly related to as Esotericism, and it refers to a broad range of topics including Ancient Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Egyptian and Jewish Mysticism, Greek Philosophies and Mystery Traditions, Rosicrucianism, various Esoteric and Mystical Religious Schools, as well as the more modern renaissance philosophies and works. 
  • Ancient and Modern Occultism - The term "Occult" simply means "Hidden Knowledge". Within the context of traditions such as ours, it specifically relates to deeper, hidden knowledge that cannot be adequately related by simply reading about it. It requires personal experience and research. This extends all the way from various paranormal phenomenon and activities, to metaphysics and personal / trans-personal psychology, as well as physical and personal processes and systems.
  • Meditation - This is the process of focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to bring about a mentally and emotionally calm state. The volume of outside phenomena, thoughts, concerns, circumstances, and distractions, becomes greatly reduced. The subject of the meditation then becomes the focal point for your human awareness, allowing your mind and perceptions to gradually calm and coalesce around it without conscious effort. 
  • Astrology - The study of the location, orientation, and relationships of celestial objects to human consciousness and all living systems. 
  • Divination - The process of utilizing standardized processes to gain additional insight and knowledge of a particular subject or situation. This is most often characterized by the use of Tarot cards, or the casting of bones. We teach several in-depth approaches to multiple forms of Divination which over time assists the student to connect and listen to the advice and guidance of their divine source.
  • Scrying - The process of blending your inner-senses with your physical ones for the purpose of gaining additional information and knowledge about a particular subject. In many cases, this is accomplished through sight or hearing, but as the techniques are practiced and the skills honed, additional senses become involved in this process.
  • Pathworking - The process of temporarily moving our awareness and perceptions into specific inner locations and states of consciousness while utilizing the Qabalistic Tree of Life as a map for inner exploration. This is a form of inner investigation wherein the person maintains a light meditative state while actively observing and interacting with what is perceived.
  • Communication with Spirits - Our Initiates are taught safe and effective methods of having both verbal and non-verbal communication with a variety of spirits, usually for the purpose of gaining increased knowledge and guidance which furthers their Initiatory progression. In the first several grades of our system, we primarily focus on communicating with Archangels, Angels, and other benevolent and holy spirits which are beneficial to our spiritual aspirations. In developing a deep and meaningful relationship with them, they begin to act as inner-guides, assisting us to pursue deeper levels of magical ability and illumination.
  • Astral Projection - The process of willingly moving the seed of conscious awareness to a location other than the physical body. In the most extreme form of this practice, the result is that the totality of all sensory information is provided by non-physical phenomena, and the magician is no longer cognoscente of their physical body. 
  • Lucid Dreaming - The technique of becoming fully awake and aware, with 100% of your mental faculties, while within a dream environment.
  • Dream Investigation - Directly entering into a previously had dream, for the purpose of uncovering the hidden symbolism, meaning, and lessons contained within that dream. This is an extension beyond dream interpretation; a topic which we have learned through experience is wrought with inaccuracies.
  • Talismanic Magic - The imbuing of physical objects or items with qualities not normally associated with those physical objects (typically magical qualities or connections to non-physical spirits).
  • Alchemy - The application of spagyric laws and formulas to a variety of systems. Laboratory Alchemy being one of the more famous. We initially focus on its application for spiritual development and the transmutation of the soul, be that in the laboratory of the Alchemist, the laboratory of Physical Reality, or the laboratory of the Mind. These formulas can be applied to any living system, though the specific details of the particular operations differ accordingly.
  • Healing - We teach an in-depth progressive system of healing which revolves around the various stages of knowledge gained through the study and practice of Western Hermeticism. While snapping a finger and bringing someone back to a state of full health is not possible in every case, we gradually focus upon the seeds of any disease, injury, corruption of health which is not easily treatable, and which can take root within a persons mind, body and environment. Healing in this manner should not be considered a replacement for conventional medicine and proper medical treatment, rather, they often go hand in hand to bring about not only a solution to the symptoms, but potentially to the underlying cause which brought them about. 

... and Many More

Services We Offer

Of all the services we offer, our personal Tutors are our greatest asset. Upon joining, you will be assigned a personal Proctor, which is just another name for Tutor. They are personally invested in assisting you along each step of the way with your studies, practices, and any personal challenges you may encounter. They are fully trained and proficient in the system, the material which is taught, and in the practical application of what is learned. 

They have at their disposal the entire breadth of experience of all our seasoned teachers, and they know that sometimes what is necessary and beneficial may not be intuitive to the student. Regular and consistent communication between a proctor and student is the cornerstone of authentic Initiation and progression. So, we require our students to communicate with us either weekly or biweekly depending on the present circumstances of their training. You will have both telephone and email access to your proctor, and they always provide a good source of instruction and guidance for your personal studies and practices.

In addition to your personal proctor, you will receive a hard copy of your study material to be used as a reference. This is a full-color book containing the core material, lessons, diagrams, instructions, and techniques for your grade. Although the ability for self-study is important and necessary, these books are not considered a replacement for attendance to online and local classes or regular communication and instruction from your proctor. We are routinely updating and adding to both our core curriculum and secondary lessons. These updates are made available for download and optionally printing them if you prefer, so that you are ensured to have the latest material at your disposal without needing to order new grade books every time a modification or addition is made.

We are also continuing the production of additional downloadable audios and videos covering a wide range of occult topics which pertain to the lessons you're involved with, as well as many that pertain to all grades. Members are encouraged to put together their own classes and rituals, once they've adequately researched and become familiar with them, and we often include these classes and rituals in either our Monthly newsletter, or published separately on our website.

We regularly hold online classes for all grades, and special online classes available to all members. Our Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles hold monthly classes and group ritual work, and this includes our online correspondence Sanctuary which provides group collaboration in coordinated rituals, classes, and events.

Twice a year, on the Equinoxes, our Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles get together to hold a more intensive gathering in celebration of the passing of the Equinox. A day or weekend full of classes, ritual work, and fraternal celebration is the hallmark of these events. They are a great time to get together with your fellow brethren in celebration of the Great Work and the Mysteries of the Tradition.  

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