Golden Dawn
Collegium Spiritu Sancti


The Order of the Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti has Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles in several cities. A Temple is a dedicated place which regularly hosts Initiations, Rituals, Classes, Seminars, and Special Events. A Sanctuary is a permanent location which hosts Classes and Rituals on a regular basis. A Study Group is a temporary location, set up and managed by local members, for the purpose of holding  Classes, Discussions, and Ritual work.

All correspondence members are currently initiated through the Temple of Ra-Horakhty.

All members are welcome at each of our Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles. If you are not local to an existing facility, chances are that there's either a study circle or interested members near your location, and we will assist to help with forming a local study circle. 

If you are not nearby other members or a local facility, our Correspondence Sanctuary is open to all members, and there are always groups events, discussions, and classes being held online.

Temple of Nephthys:  Northeast Indiana
Temple of Ra-Horakhty: Northwestern Chicago Suburbs
Sanctuary of Anubis - Wepuat: Eastern Iowa
Sanctuary of Hermes - Mercury: Correspondence Sanctuary
Sanctuary of Maat: Chicago
Sanctuary of Ptah: Northwestern Illinois
Sanctuary of Thoth: Northeastern Indiana

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