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Golden Dawn
Collegium Spiritu Sancti


The Order of the Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti has Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles in several cities. A Temple is a dedicated place which regularly hosts Initiations, Rituals, Classes, Seminars, and Special Events. A Sanctuary is a permanent location which hosts Classes and Rituals on a regular basis. A Study Group is a temporary location, set up and managed by local members, for the purpose of holding  Classes, Discussions, and Ritual work.

All correspondence members are currently initiated through the Temple of Ganesha.

All members are welcome at each of our Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Circles. If you are not local to an existing facility, chances are that there's either a study circle or interested members near your location, and we will assist to help with forming a local study circle. 

If you are not nearby other members or a local facility, our Correspondence Sanctuary is open to all members, and there are always groups events, discussions, and classes being held online.

Temple of Ganesha: Northwestern Chicago Suburbs
Temple of Nephthys:  Northeast Indiana
Sanctuary of Anubis - Wepuat: Eastern Iowa
Sanctuary of Hermes - Mercury: Correspondence Sanctuary

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