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Golden Dawn
Collegium Spiritu Sancti


The order is an educational organization supported by membership dues and donations. All dues and donations cover expenses throughout the organization and all additional funds go back into the organization to further benefit students. We are constantly growing and expanding our materials, services, and workshops and developing new programs to bring spiritual teachings to the public, including Healing and humanitarian goals.

Your grade lessons will take you from the starting degree of Neophyte to as high as your aspirations will carry you. You will receive your entire course for each particular degree at one time. The grade material comes fully bound and there are over 175 separate lessons in the five Outer Order grades, from Neophyte to Philosophus. In addition, there are many audio files and supplementary learning materials available to members in the private section of our website. Upon completing a grade, you will pass an assessment and then elevate into the next degree. Full initiations are provided even for those members who are not involved in a local Temple, or one may choose to come in person to any Temple around the world for a physical initiation.

In addition, you will also be included in Healing Rites and Magical work, where members from around the world link up for a common cause. We also have an active private forum for members only, where you can share your experiences, ask questions, or just bond with others of a like mind. There are also study groups in some areas where you may meet, study, work and exchange with other correspondence members in person.

“Inheritors of a dying world, we call thee to the living beauty; wanderer in the wild darkness, we call thee to the gentle light. Long has thou dwelt in the darkness, quit the night and seek the day!”

– Neophyte Ritual

Initiation into Neophyte and the four elemental grades is critical before the true magic of Light can be actualized. That is what the Golden Dawn system and our Order is all about; preparation for the Great Work, and the magic of Light to follow in the higher grades. This is not merely a Correspondence Course, but a World-Wide Fraternity of dedicated Seekers after Truth. It is for those rare individuals who seek to further evolve and master their personal environment. It is designed to help you on that solitary path, and guidance is provided for you as needed.

The course will take you step by step, through Neophyte and the four elemental grades of the Order, and prepare the student for Adepthood. The four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire exist within all. The student learns within time to balance and purify those aspects of their personality which correspond to the four elements respectively; Earth, material life; Air, psychological and intellectual life; Water, spiritual life; Fire, emotional life.

0=0 Degree, The Grade of Neophyte

The grade of Neophyte is the first of five grades that make up the Order of the Golden Dawn. It is an introduction to the process of Initiation plus the general curriculum and structure of this Order. Generally speaking, it is considered a ‘probationary’ stage in the student’s progress, designed to attain a basic understanding and personal suitability of the Hermetic Arts. The four other grades are attributed to the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire respectively.

The courses of study in this Degree include:

  • Banishing & Cleansing Your Sphere of Sensation
  • Techniques of Invoking Divine Light
  • Introduction to Healing
  • Work of the Neophyte
  • Introduction to Astrology
  • Introduction to Tarot
  • Divination and the Tarot
  • Meditation
  • Basic Terminology and Alchemical Symbolism

1=10 Degree, The Grade of Zelator

The Grade of Zelator corresponds to the Earth element. The Great Work, for the Zelator, is defined as, “to obtain control of the foundations of my own being. This grade introduces a far more serious depth of the mysteries of the Qabalah, magic, the Osirian mysteries, working with elemental energies, meditation, and working with Angels. The Zelator grade emphasizes the relationship alchemically of the candidate with their physical attributes of self and surroundings.

…The Subjects From The Previous Grade Continue But Include Additional Lessons In:

  • Working With Archangels
  • Egyptian Godforms
  • Elemental Invocation
  • Creating Elementals
  • Building a Spiritual Foundation

2=9 Degree, The Grade of Theoricus

The 2=9 grade of Theoricus and success therein greatly depends upon the work accomplished in the two preceding grades. For the internal fires of the Spirit have been awakened through the mystical arts previously understood and practiced and the first stages of the alchemical ‘separation’ begin to take place. This is a reference to the Spirit of the individual transcending or elevating the mundane self and investigating the more intellectual aspects of universal (cosmological) theories and natural relationships. This grade thus corresponds to the element of Air.

  • Introduction to Geomancy
  • Astrological Forces
  • Symbolism of the Garden of Eden
  • Scrying in the Spirit Vision
  • Beginning Astral Projection
  • The Creation of the Physical and Spiritual Universe

3=8 Degree, The Grade of Practicus

The 3=8 grade of Practicus, which corresponds to the element of Water symbolically represents the mystical understanding of the oneness or wholeness of all things physical and spiritual. Without a serious dedication to the Work, the dangers of this grade are a stagnation of self-growth combined with a pacifistic form of fatalism. The rewards of this grade are a spiritual re-awakening of the Higher Self. The Self that transcends the lower mundane, purely intellectual ego and partakes of the ‘knowing’ or ‘gnosis’ that the pure Divine exists in all things.

  • Practical Astrology
  • Practical Geomancy
  • The Mysteries of the Divine Feminine
  • Astral Projection
  • Scrying and Techniques for Developing Intuition

4=7 Degree, The Grade of Philosophus

The last and final grade of the ‘Outer’ or ‘First’ Order of the Order of the Golden Dawn is the 4=7 grade of Philosophus. Where the grade of Practicus should find the initiate fully capable of understanding and expressing the alchemical and magical process and development of the Spiritual Self, the Philosophus is called to transcend even this and define for one’s self the true character of the Soul. This is a direct reference to the active and individual nature of the Spirit that belongs particularly to the individual. Thus, this grade is directly attributed to the element of Fire.

Through the common strain of mysteries found within the pantheons listed above, the successful student of this Order acquires the personal strength and confidence necessary for the accomplishment of both spiritual and physical self-mastery. These mysteries are found in the physical Nature of the World and thus have their reflection in the spiritual. Just so, the Order of the Golden Dawn is the physical manifestation of a spiritual College.

  • Connecting to Spirit
  • Practical Alchemy
  • Contemporary Gnosticism
  • The Secret Work of Hermetic Philosophy
  • Angels of the Shem Ha-Mephoresh
  • Introduction to Rosicrucian Mysticism

The Grade material is very complete and extensive. We make no excuses that our grade requirements are demanding.

Everything that was part of the historic Golden Dawn and Western Mystery Tradition one hundred years ago is included in today’s curriculum, plus much more advanced understanding. This includes unpublished material.

The Order of the Golden Dawn has reestablished all of the contacts held by the Ancients of the Western Mysteries, thus establishing a direct line of descendants that extends back to early Rosicrucian and even beyond. As a matter of fact, the teachings are as timeless and old as life itself.

Our materials are not for sale to the general public. They are a comprehensive guide of tools, lessons, and practical exercises built on a history of Tradition. They are given to sincere seekers who have proven themselves dedicated to bringing more Light in the world and working to develop themselves to a Higher Spiritual aspiration in order to gain true knowledge and conversation with their higher Divine Self. Your membership dues support all aspects of the Order of the Golden Dawn and provide the opportunity for others to succeed and grow spiritually within the Golden Dawn.

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