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Dues and advancement fees are used exclusively for maintenance and upkeep of our temples and services to membership. No person in this organization profits from membership fees. In fact dues make up only a small portion of the expenses of the order; the rest is paid for by donations from dedicated and loving members.

The monthly dues to the Order are $20.00 per month and are set up as a recurring payment. You also have the option of paying 6 months or one year in full as a one time payment. The Advancement fee for each of the Outer Order Grades of Neophyte through Portal is $65.00. The cost covers temple supplies for the ceremony, grade badges and sashes, and the perfect bound grade book. All grade books are provided in printed format and sent in the mail. Digital copies are not available. Due to problems mailing to certain countries and Military APO addresses, we are not able to accept members in those areas at this time.

In summary, the total cost to begin membership is $85.00. This covers first months membership dues, the Neophyte Initiation and supplies, grade materials, and all online classes and services.

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