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About Membership in the Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti

We welcome you and thank you for your interest in the Order of the Golden Dawn. Your investment of time and energy in searching out information on our tradition proves that you are driven from an inward passion for the “Great Work” and higher development of Spiritual growth through the Magical and Mystical Way of Life. Something deep within you has drawn you to create positive changes in your life. You have, likely explored dozens of magical and healing books, audio lectures, and workshops yet none of these quite codified the whole magical system for you into a cohesive whole. A vast amount of information is out there and other people’s experiences are widely available, but none of these teach you how to tap into that for yourself. It’s like learning to fly a helicopter: you can read all the books you want on the subject, but until you begin actually flying, you do not actually gain the skills necessary to fly such a machine competently. We all pick up bits and pieces and have had some small yet profound breakthroughs and insights along the way, yet you and I know there is much more to experience.

The Golden Dawn system is unique in that it provides a structure foundation that brings together many different ancient traditions from which many of the modern metaphysical and spiritual traditions practiced today branched out. This is a journey of self-mastery at every level of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and universal. Even a small amount of mastery at any of these levels of being opens the door to growth, peace, and prosperity. The Order of the Golden Dawn provides a systematic structured approach to higher spiritual and magical teachings which empower you to find the answers hidden within your own soul. This is a powerful system of inner growth and spiritual development as it provides the time tested tools and techniques to unlocking your connection to the Universe, understanding your purpose in life, achieving your highest potential and understanding how it all comes together in the nature and mysteries of the Universe.

If you’re completely new to this area of study you’ll find that this system of study allows one to work at their own pace. Each member is assigned a personal proctor to help oversee studies and answer questions when needed. Our online forums allow members to discuss and learn from home as they would if they were attending a local Temple regularly. You will progress step by step through the various teachings and degrees as each lesson is built upon the last and starts you working on building a solid spiritual foundation. This system of organized lessons gives you a well rounded approach and a complete understanding of not only the teachings but how to apply them in your personal life.

Becoming a Member

Deciding to become a member of our ancient and honorable order is not something to be done on a whim, but after careful consideration. Setting out on the pathway of initiation will certainly change your life, and change the world around you. Those who do not take this seriously are easily blown away or toppled over, but those with determination and perseverance will make it through the challenges, the difficulties, and emerge into the Light as beacons of illumination. This path is about growth, self discovery, and self mastery. Those not willing to put forth the great amount of effort and motivation required to succeed should not set foot on this path. But those who feel pull upon their soul towards the greater understanding of the mysteries, have no fear.

To become a member of the order you first need to apply. Once we receive your application, we will review it and contact you by phone or email. If you are located within 100 miles of a temple, we require that you you come for your physical initiation. Of course those who live farther away are encouraged to come for their physical initiation as well, and many initiates choose to do so. If it is not within one’s means to do so at this time, they may be astrally initiated, and come for their physical initiation at a later date. We have Neophyte Initiations several times a year, so if at any time you are available to come, please contact us. We also hold Summer Conclave in August every year where correspondence initiates can come and have all of their physical initiations performed.

Once your application has been approved and we have all of your information, you will be set up for the next initiation and given instructions. If you are to be astrally initiated, you will be given a meditation to perform during the time that we are performing your initiation at the temple. If you are going to be physically initiated, you will be given instructions as to where to go, what time to be there, and what you will need to bring.

Upon your initiation, you will be given a Latin Motto, the names and contact information for your proctors, your grade material for the Neophyte Grade, and your certificate. You are then ready to begin your studies, and your proctors are available to help answer any questions you may have regarding your study material, and to help you grasp the forms and techniques given to you as you move through the grades.

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