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2019 Christmas Charity Raffle

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We are hosting a charity raffle with the proceeds going to The Ocean Conservancy Organization. Our oceans unify the world and a healthy ocean means more than beautiful coasts and vibrant ocean wildlife. If the ocean isn’t healthy, neither are we. The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we’re breathing this very second comes from our ocean. A healthy ocean is a healthy planet. Ocean Conservancy is a non-profit dedicated to international coastal clean-ups, protecting rare oceanic species, and creating technological solutions for sustainable coastal economies. Tickets to enter the raffle are open for purchase for $5.00 per ticket. The winner will be chosen randomly at the holiday party and will enjoy a basket full of GDCSS goodies including: • Elemental tool of choice (including cross and triangle) with complementing bag • 2 incenses and oils of choice with accompanying censor and quality charcoal • Full Color Tree of Life poster • GDCSS official T-shirt • And more… These items will be shipped to the winner of the raffle shortly after. We invite you all to participate in our first ever holiday raffle and in our efforts to keep our oceans clean, healthy, and vibrant. The more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of winning. This is a raffle ticket purchase. Only one ticket will be selected, and only one person will receive the prize indicated above. The GDCSS makes no guarantees, implied or otherwise, that you will receive products based upon this purchase. This purchase should be considered a donation, with all proceeds going to The Ocean Conservancy Organization.
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