Our Order

The Order of the Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti

grand temple
Equinox Ceremony at our Grand Temple of Ptah
Ours is a modern day order which seeks to build upon the traditions and teachings handed down by original founders of the Golden Dawn. Through our in-depth experience and understanding of the Golden Dawn Initiatory tradition, coupled with the ongoing research into various topics related to that tradition, Initiation, Magic, Alchemy, and General Spirituality, we continue to advance both the depth and diversity of this tradition. Our primary focus is on the effect and experience of Initiation. At its core, Initiation brings about a significant change in the awareness of the candidate, at a very deep level. As this continues to grow and develop within their mind, through their own work and practices, it impacts all levels of reality. This is why the purity of that Initiatory Path is primary; all other work and practices grow from this.
Thanks in part to Hollywood and to our social upbringing, there are a great deal of misconceptions about what magic is, how it works, and what being a Magician, especially in this order, is all about. While it's nigh impossible to accurately relate the experience and details of what it's all like, we can describe the overall process that you would be experiencing. Once you're initiated, you're assigned a personal proctor (tutor) to assist you in both your studies and in your personal work. The personal work which you'll be doing is the core of the experience, as the results and effect is entirely personalized for you and what you require. You'll also receive a small book filled with lessons and practices which you will both study and work with often. These provide the basic techniques to accomplish what's required in that stage of your Initiatory Path. In addition, we have several Temples, Sanctuaries, and Study Groups where members nearby can get together and share the experience of doing group work and research with one another. We also have several online resources available which allow you to communicate with every member of the fraternity, ask questions, engage in research (experiment) projects, and share your work, results, ideas, and feelings with one another.
Initially in your studies, you will be introduced to many topics and techniques which form the basis of the magical practices you will be undertaking. Ritual Magic is an in-depth form of moving-meditation wherein the magician employs various symbols (names, images, sounds, smells, etc.) to affect changes in their reality. All of the components used in a ritual are there for the purpose of awakening latent forces within them, and to direct those forces towards a specific purpose.
As you progress through your personal studies and practices, you will find yourself thinking about your thoughts, discerning how you feel about your feelings, analyzing how reality reacts to the work you're currently doing, and adjusting the work your doing in concert with all of this feedback under the guidance of your personal tutor. You will be working through the content of your dreams, exploring the recesses of your mind and your soul, exploring the inner and outer universe, uncovering the mysteries of the ancients, and putting all of that experiential knowledge towards accomplishing your personal Great Work. When you have completed your time and your work, you will have united with your eternal self and will have achieved what very few will in this lifetime. There are many aspects of life and existence which is hidden from us. Engaging in an Initiatory Tradition, such as this, affords us the opportunity to explore those aspects, and to take that next step in our personal evolution.